Fragrance Variances

 Clean Fresh

Sweet Summer Spice

A fine fragrance inspired by evergreen earthy sage notes and positive intentions rolling in. 

Cool Clean Crisp Spice

Cool Sea-like

Powdery Clean Calm

Exotic Florally Spice

Clean Strong Citrus

Fresh Cool Spice

Clean Fresh Green

A fine fragrance that is a blend of light summer citrus with fragrant floral notes.

A fine fragrance inspired by the forest floor, organic life and fresh air.

A fine fragrance inspired by the wind gently blowing through fields of green, summery flowers and fresh jasmin blooming. 

Calm Powdery Clean

Warm Spice

A fine fragrance that is spicy with fresh citrus notes.

Fresh Fruit slightly spiced

Fresh Modern

Woody Leathery

Exotic Spicy Citrus

Powdery Floral Bouquet

 Calming Soft and Quiet

Zesty Grassy Citrus

REJUVENATING sweet full bodied with lemon grassy notes.

Clean  floral

Spring Floral Bouquet

Exotic Floral Bouquet

Single Floral

Summer Floral Bouquet

Muscular Sophisticated Spice

Sea Like Clean

Calming Spicy Citrus 

A fine fragrance for hot summer days in the garden + between the leaves. With hints of cooling eucalyptus.

Floral Flowers

Fresh Balmy Green

A fine fragrance that is fresh, zingy with citrus notes. 

Calming Floral

Sweet Green fresh

Sensual Floral Bouquet

Sensual Floral Bouquet

RELAXATION earthy and herbaceous.

Sensual Calming Floral Bouquet

Mild Sensual Single Flower Tea Rose

Sensual Balmy Flowery  Spice

Woody Spice

Floral Woody Spice

Sensual Woody Floral

Summer Cool Fresh

Floral Bouquet with Mysterious Spicy undertones

Calming Floral Green

Calming Green

A fine fragrance inspired by warm and dreamy florals, layers of soft botanicals and a little spice.

Sweet Spicy Floral

Sweet  Floral

Balmy Aromatic Spice

Fresh Green Botanicals

Warm Fresh Slightly Floral

Exotic Single Flower

A  fine fragrance that is a blend of woody notes, earthy spice and refreshing lime.

Floral Bouquet



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