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JE Spa range consists of essential oils purposefully chosen for their relaxation properties. You are certain to find a luxury item in this range to spoil yourself or a loved one. This is a Vegan body care range. JE Spa Brands manufactures and supplies quality wholesale spa products to spas. Our body butter- cream and body scrubs are top quality. Spa products Salon products Beauty products Beauty supplies Spa supplier Salon supplier Nail products Beauty suppliers JE Spa range consists of Bath Salts, Body Lotions, Room Spray and Shower Gels. These items are available in a range of essential oils. The luxury bath salts are ideal for relaxing the body and mind, while the lotions and shower gels are great for use during a shower. It’s important to keep in mind that each product has its own function and that the various products should not be mixed. For example, you should not use a body lotion together with bath salts or a shower gel together with body lotion.

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